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Information : Arabic christian channel
The dream came true. We now have our own well equipped studio and media production center so that we can reach out to the world. This was the first step towards the bigger dream of "Alkarma TV". First, let me share with you how this idea developed.
After I graduated from college in 1990, the Lord moved my heart to start preparing to work in the field of media production. During those years, I was involved in helping different ministries in this field.
In January of 2002, God spoke clearly to my heart and told me to start a media ministry. Since then I have been sharing the vision with some of my close friends, who commented and said, "This is too big of a dream and financially impossible".
In June 2004, Godís call was so strong that I couldnít resist. With His help I started a non-profit ministry (Media Dream). Its first activity was to establish a studio and a production house that is currently in operation.
The first fruit of our production was a series of programs dealing with some of the most crucial issues that affect our lives today which can lead to drugs and addictions of all kinds. Other programs include evangelistic episodes that air to millions in the Middle East.
In the last few months, we helped to produce over 180 episodes as new programs from different speakers to different Christian channels. Most of these programs are broadcasted on air weekly since January 2005 and we are getting great feedback from different countries in the Middle East and Europe.
We will start airing ALKARMA TV in Oct 17, 2005. Itís a 24/7 Arabic Christian Channel for all of North America. You will find more information about this channel throughout this website.
Media Dream has grown to be a team of Godly men and women who share the same vision. Pray that God uses us to impact the world.

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More information about Al Karma TV can be found on the website: Al Karma TV

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